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Monks Orchard Chickens

Welcome to the Monks Orchard Chickens run!  Following Year 3 hatching out chicks, we decided to set up Monks Orchard mini farm. After a lot of research, we chose 6 hybrid chickens. We visited Martins Wood Farm who explained what was involved in keeping chickens. After setting up the fox proof run we collected our chickens. We have -

Rhode Island Rock called Louise

Black Tail called Delila

Gold Line called Nyah

Skyline called Lucy

Speckled Maran called Helen

White Ranger called Danny

A wonderful product of keeping chickens is fresh eggs. If you would like 6 wonderful, fresh eggs for just £1.50,  please speak to the school office.

    Monks Orchard Primary School

    The Glade, Shirley, Croydon, CR0 7UF
    020 8654 2570