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Wacky Weekly Competition - Week 9

Winning Entries



Morning Everyone, 

Once again, I'd like to say a huge thank you to everybody that entered this week's wacky recycling competition. I didn't get as many entries as previous weeks, so an extra special thank you everybody that did enter. I have once again decided to award certificates to everybody that took part because you had all gone to so much effort.

This week's wacky winners are:

Keano - Nursery

Millie - Nursery

Annaliese - Yellow

Peter-Gabriel - Yellow

Ashlyn - Jeffers

Anastasia - Jeffers

Tate - Jeffers

Logan - Agard

Elina - Agard

Dhaara - Nichols

Angeline - Walliams

Annanya - Walliams

Faith - Rowling

Jasmine - Rauf

Ashan - Pullman 

Staff Winners:

Mrs Cully

Mrs Walker


I will put a copy of your fantastic recycling creations on our school website so please go and take a look. Once again, a big thank you to Miss Green who formats the pictures for the website. She's done another great job this week. 

I have decided, as we have not had as many entries for the past few weeks, to stop doing my weekly competitions now. We will be back in school next week too, so I will be busy with the day to day running of the school again. I want to say the biggest thank you to each and every one of you who have taken part in any of my competitions over the last 9 weeks. It has been fantastic to see what you have all been doing during this time at home. I've loved every minute of it and it has always put a smile on my face. 

Although I won't be handing out certificates and announcing winners each week any more, if there are any children who still want to send in photos of things they have been doing like dances, songs, drawings, cooking, camps, dens, dressing up or anything else that will make me smile, I would still love to see them. As I know not all of you are back at school, so you can still email them to me and I will respond as soon as I can. 

Thank you for a great 9 weeks of fun and laughter! 

Hope to see you all soon. 

Mrs Gardiner

    Monks Orchard Primary School

    The Glade, Shirley, Croydon, CR0 7UF
    020 8654 2570