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The latest information and home work suggestions for Nursery can be found below

Welcome to Nursery

Here in the Nursery we are proud to support the children as they begin their learning journey at Monks Orchard Primary School. For many children this is their first experience of spending time away from their parents and carers so we aim to build strong, caring relationships with the children as they settle in.

Children are encouraged to be independent from the start as we develop their self confidence and their curiosity in the world around them. Following the Foundation Stage Curriculum, we build on the children’s interests to provide experiences which motivate them to develop their skills, concentration and individual abilities. We give them plenty of opportunities to practise, repeat and apply their skills.

Children learn best through playing and exploring, being with other people, representing and being able to extend their own ideas and having fun. We encourage them to talk about what they are doing to each other and us so we are able to respond to and extend their ideas. By listening carefully to them as they play we can plan for their next steps in learning.

There are daily opportunities for stories, rhymes and counting as a group and access to milk and fruit at the snack table. Being active also enables learning and we are lucky to have a great deal of outside space including our garden, the field and wooded area. The children are able to really enjoy the freedom this gives them to develop their physical skills, co-operative play and investigative skills as well as their understanding of the natural world.

Our aim is that children will leave the Nursery with an enjoyment of and enthusiasm for learning and a growing confidence to tackle any challenges which come their way.


    Monks Orchard Primary School

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