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Weekly Competition

Details of this week's competition from Mr Green are below. Remember to send your entries to

thiS week's competition

This week’s competition is very eggciting, I am sure you will all be eggsausted by the time you have completed it.

As it is near to Easter, what I would like you to do is use a hard boiled egg (Make sure an adult helps you boil the egg) to decorate in any way you can. Be creative, you could turn it into; a book character, a super hero, a teacher, or make a fabulous design like a Faberge egg. Once you have made your egg take a picture of it and send it to the competition email address and we will see who wins. I am really looking forward to seeing what creative eggs you all come up with. Take care stay well, Mr Green.


Last Week's Competition Winners

Thank you so much for all the great drawings for my competition on drawing your families and pets. I’ll tell you what, they really cheered the teachers up, it was great to see your work. Now I know that you will want to know who the winners are, let me say first of all it was really difficult to choose just one so I went for three. I will be keeping a note of who the winners are for the competitions and when we are all back at school will be giving the individual prizes when we have our assembly. So don’t worry I will not forget the names of our winners.

The winners are:

Halle, Sydney EYFS

Pixie, Istanbul KS1

Madison, Paris KS2

    Rowdown Primary School

    Calley Down Crescent, New Addington, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 0EG
    01689 843367