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Fairchildes Academy Community Trust

Fairchildes Academy Community Trust

Year 6

Class Teacher Archimedes Mrs Byrne & Mr Green
Class Teacher Fibonacci Miss Virtue


Summer Term 

SATS are now only four weeks away so it is essential that your child is in school every day so they do not miss out on revision lessons. During SATS week (14th May) it is important that your child gets a good night’s sleep each day and is in school on time.

We wish all the children well with their tests.


On a lighter note we will be sending out a list of suggested things to take on the residential trip and a meeting will be held during the last week of half term to answer any questions you may have regarding the trip.


We have PE on Friday and some Thursdays. Please ensure that your child always has the correct PE kit in school for these days.

Homework- Children should be working through their SATS revision books focusing on topics they feel they need to practice. With SATS fast approaching it is essential that this is being done.

Afternoon groups - We will continue with maths, reading & accuracy (grammar) interventions in the afternoons and these involve quite a lot of the year group. Your child may come home with tasks to complete as part of these extra groups; please encourage and support your child with these and seek help if there is an issue.

In addition you  can help your child at home by:

Reading every evening.  We have a great selection of books for your child to borrow in our class library. Please make sure that your child reads for at least 20 minutes each night and is questioned on what they are reading.

The following websites are great for practising  skills:

  • .
  • .
  • .

Children love to be knowledgeable in front of their friends. Reading around a subject will help them.

Please make sure that your child is at their entrance to the school by 8.40am


Rowdown Facebook - We have many Facebook members already – please send a request to join: