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Letter to Parents 01/04/20

Dear Parents,

Thank you so much for the time and effort that you are putting into helping your child/children with Google Classroom. I can see from messages and emails that some of you are struggling to keep up with the amount of work posted, particularly if your child needs extra support, you are trying to juggle your own work schedule, and if you have more than one child. As you know, this is a learning curve for us as well, we have listened to your comments and will be making the following changes:

1. There will be no additional work posted on a Friday, this will give everybody a chance to catch up. Those children who have completed everything can do an extra challenge if they wish.

2. Deadlines will be changed to “try and finish this by the end of the week”.

3. The teachers will delete past posts at the end of the week so that the room does not look so full.

4. We won’t be posting work during the two week holiday. Your child can do Mathletics at a time convenient to you. The quizzes and competitions that are set for everyone will still happen, but only do those if you want to.

5. After the holidays the next two weeks of work will take the form of a research topic. Your teachers will explain how findings are to be recorded and each day will put up videos etc to help with specific areas of the topic. Your child can complete the work at a time suitable for your family.  Work for that fortnight will be topic and maths only. (We will be in touch with those of you without Internet access.)

We hope that this will ease the strain on busy households.

If you are using Google Classroom through the app (rather than on a laptop or computer), you may need to download the Google Docs app too to be able to edit the work set by your child's class teacher.

Please continue to email your class teacher if you have any problems with the work. We are keen for it to be of a good standard, with spelling and punctuation to the best of your child’s ability.

Thank you again and please contact us if you are having any difficulties.

Miss Hussey

    Fairchildes Primary School

    Fairchildes Avenue, New Addington, Croydon, CR0 0AH
    01689 842268