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Letter to Parents 25/09/20

Dear Parents and Carers ,

It is our 3rd week back, and I know that things are different from what we would be doing under normal circumstances. I’m sure you will have kept abreast of the current situation as it does change quite regularly. On Tuesday evening the Prime Minister addressed the nation and gave everyone an update on what changes would be happening. I believe that it is really important for all of us to adhere to the guidance to ensure that we look after each other.

On that note, could I please ask you to have a word with your children at home about ‘play fighting’ - primarily the boys. Inevitably, play fighting ends up as real fighting, and to engage in this game they make physical contact. It would be really helpful if you could all explain the reasons why we should not be doing this. I know some of them are young but if we all try to explain that this should not happen, perhaps we will have some success. We do stop it when we see it but as soon as we turn round it can start again.

Over the last two days the weather has turned wintery, making it even more important to be on time for your entry time at the gate. Please make sure that your child has a named coat with them and are dressed appropriately for the weather. 

On a positive note, and I do mean note the steel band have started up again for the year 6 children, I can’t tell you how the sound of music traveling through the school made us feel it was a little bit of normality and it sounded fantastic to boot. Well done year 6!

It is also great to have our coach providing clubs again for the years 1,4 & 6.  The children seem to be really enjoying the activities; we will monitor what is going on and we will be providing other clubs as time moves on.

We want to try and normalise life as much as possible and as we are a school that likes to promote our community and all the amazing things that the people of New Addington do. We are planning a mufti day, normally we would be celebrating harvest this year and invite the senior members of our community for afternoon tea and coffee and a slice of cake. Under our current guidelines, we are unable to do this. It is this kind of activity that teaches the children to invest their time and energy in their local community. The mufti day will be on the 15th October, we will be asking you to dress the children in Autumnal colours; yellow, brown, orange red etc. (You can also join in as parents if you want!) We are asking for a donation of £1 per family, if you want to make more of a contribution this is entirely up to you.   This money will be used to buy food for the New Addington food bank, as I know that there are some families who will be struggling at this moment within our local community and we want to help them. We will also be asking the children to write about the things they are thankful for, as part of our harvest event.

Please have a look on our website for year group letters from teachers that were put up on Monday, these give details about the term, PE days, extra learning sites and also what the children are learning in school during the Autumn term.

That is about it for this week, please make sure you look at our website as I have sent out a few documents that explain what our procedures are at this time. Meanwhile have a good weekend but not in groups of more than 6, obviously!

Kind regards,

John Green

    Rowdown Primary School

    Calley Down Crescent, New Addington, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 0EG
    01689 843367