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Inspire to Aspire Foundation

The Rowdown Inspire to Aspire Foundation has been set up to inspire the pupils at Rowdown Primary School to aspire to something big, something extra and to support them in their aspirations.

We are a registered charity that will provide funding to enable gifted pupils at Rowdown to pursue an area of talent to further their ambition and eventually give them life-enhancing opportunities as they become young adults.

Our aims are summarised below but do visit our dedicated website to find out more.

The Foundation recognises that many parents cannot afford the private tuition that will enable their child to chase their dreams or that hard-working parents do not have the time to organise the tuition and get their child to the lesson.  We can – and will – help with both.

It is essential that the child already shows some special ability and has a huge enthusiasm for their chosen area of interest.  This is to ensure they will invest the time and effort to improve because otherwise the future opportunities will be limited and our support wasted.  It is also essential that their parents have the same levels of enthusiasm for their child’s ambitions.  This is non-negotiable!

Normally it will be the teachers – themselves a talented bunch of people – who will be the first to see something exceptional in the pupils and they will start to ball rolling by referring them to the Foundation.  If you are a pupil or parent and wish to be considered for some support, talk to your class teacher initially about it: they will then approach the Foundation if they feel it is appropriate.

We also want to support parents to help their children to learn. The Foundation would like to offer support to parents of pupils at Rowdown by encouraging them to develop additional parenting skills which can then raise their involvement in our partnership. We will therefore be happy to pay for courses and training suggested by parents as providing a benefit to the whole family. Hopefully, these skills can then be used to work with the school to provide additional learning opportunities to all the children at Rowdown, whether it be an after-school club or helping out on or organising an educational trip.

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