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Our curriculum

Our aim at Rowdown is to enable our children to become confident and independent lifelong learners, equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve success in tomorrow’s world.

We have designed and planned our curriculum to achieve this and to ensure every child receives an appropriate mix of academic and personal development opportunities.

We provide a broad, rich and deep curriculum for all our pupils and aim to provide experiences that engage, excite and challenge our children whilst developing communication skills, confidence, independence, teamwork and resilience. We provide the Programmes of Study outlined in the 2014 National Curriculum, details of which can be found at:

We offer our children a range of experiences across all subjects. This breadth of learning will provide opportunities for all to develop a wide and varied general knowledge, help them achieve in the core areas of English and maths, and prepare our children for later life.

Curriculum planning includes frequent opportunities for repetition and practise to ensure that essential knowledge, understanding and skills are developed in every subject. We want our children to achieve a depth to their learning that enables them to apply their skills and understanding in all curriculum areas.

We have designed and planned our curriculum to ensure every child receives an appropriate balance of academic and personal development opportunities. It is our aim for every child to feel clever, confident and ready to tackle and challenge they may face. We maintain high standards across all subjects, knowing that all successes contribute to our children reaching their full potential.

We carefully monitor children's academic progress and their personal development and incorporate social, moral and cultural learning wherever possible into lessons. We create opportunities to help pupils develop a good knowledge of the local community and the wider world in order to help them become good citizens.

To find out more about the detailed coverage within each subject and to read about and see some of the learning activities our children are engaged in, please click on the named tabs.


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