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Rio Teacher Mrs Roy
Teaching Assistants  
  Natalie Judd (am)
  Wendy Meader

Autumn Letter 2018

Dear Parents and Carers,

A very warm welcome from the Nursery team to all the children starting with us this term and to you, their parents and carers.  We are looking forward to getting to know the children and supporting them in their learning journey as the school year progresses.  We understand that settling into a new setting takes time.  Time to become familiar with new routines, the learning environment and getting to know the members of staff.  We hope that we can make this transition as smooth as possible.

Over the next few weeks we will be finding out about your child and putting in place a plan to meet their individual learning needs.  All the children look very smart in their new school uniforms.  Thank you, they all look wonderful.


In the Autumn Term we will be learning about ‘Traditional Tales’, ‘Space’, ‘Witches, Wizards and Potions’, ‘Light and Dark’, ‘Fireworks’ and ‘Christmas’.  Children will learn about these topics through short carpet times and during their choosing time when they are able to select the activities that they wish to do.  Learning will be both practical, hands on and fun!

Borrowing Books

Sharing a story and a love of books is important to the children’s learning journey.  With your child please choose a book from the book box to read and talk to your child about every night.  Ten minutes a day spent sharing a story and talking about the story can really increase children’s vocabulary.  The Booktrust suggests the following tips when reading together.

Make animal noises or sound effects - these help to bring the story to life and will make you both laugh!

Cuddle up together or get brothers and sisters to join in and enjoy stories and rhymes together.

Ask questions when you’re reading together such as: ‘What can you see on this page?’ ‘How do you think the characters feel?’

Let your child be the storyteller. They can ‘read’ the pictures to you and talk about what’s happening on the page. Find somewhere quiet away from noise, television and mobile phones. If you feel comfortable, try pulling funny faces or putting on character voices - these always make children giggle!

Look at the pictures and start talking about them.  Ask questions based on the illustrations such as, ‘Can you find a dinosaur or rabbit?  What else can you see?  How many bananas are there?  What games are the children playing?  (Information taken from


If for any reason your child is unwell and as a result unable to attend Nursery, please phone the school and let us know.

£1 pot

Our £1 pot helps us to pay for items such as creative materials, playdough and cooking ingredients. 

We would be grateful for a weekly contribution.

We look forward to working with you.

Kind regards

Mrs Roy, Mrs Meader and Miss Judd


    Rowdown Primary School

    Calley Down Crescent, New Addington, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 0EG
    01689 843367