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Letter to Parents 23/10/2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

As I sit and consider what to write in this half term letter, I really don’t know where to start as there has been so much going on for everyone. I would like to thank you all for sticking to our staggered timings, I know that they have been difficult for some and I realise that people have shown great patience. Thanks so much but we are only following the guidelines set out on the DFE document, which comes straight from the government, it is in actual fact more about trying to keep everyone safe. Unfortunately, we are only human and will never get everything absolutely right but believe me when I say we really have tried.  

When the children first came back they were so excited and desperate to be with their friends, it was lovely to see their reactions. However, as time passed we became aware that the children had forgotten what it was like to be in large groups, even in their respective bubbles. Some struggled to find their negotiating skills again, it is different for them when they are with family to being with 60 other children, especially after the lockdown and whole summer off. Some are only now getting back to knowing what kinds of behaviours are acceptable for the playground.

I would also like to thank all of you who supported our fund raising event.  Normally we would have held a harvest festival where everyone would have brought in food to distribute around the community and the year 6 pupils would have hosted an afternoon tea for the more mature members of the community. We would all have learned songs to perform but at the moment singing is not allowed because of the virus. You all helped to raise £190; we asked the food bank what they needed and they asked us to give them a cheque. This is so they can buy more food from bulk so we will be handing the cheque over after half term. Thanks to those who helped us it was really fun to see everyone in their autumn colours.

On another positive note, this week we have been going through the process of being assessed for an award - the Inclusion Quality Mark.  We were assessed on Tuesday and received some very positive feedback about our inclusive school so watch this space for further news on whether we actually are granted the award.  This award is given to schools that show that they have all children at the heart of what they do.

Quotes from the website:

 The IQM process help schools evaluate and measure how they are performing; empowering them to improve and grow. And when they’re successful, we recognise their achievement through a system of highly valued awards that provide external validation of their inclusive status.

  Inclusion promotes equal opportunities for all pupils, whatever their age, gender, ethnicity, attainment and background. It pays particular attention to the provision made for, and the achievement of, different groups of pupils within a school and any pupils who are at risk of disaffection and exclusion.


The first day back will be an Inset day when we will be developing our whole school development plan for the year so children will come back to school on Tuesday the 3rd of November.

Two other note if you will allow me:

Please can you remember that if you need your child to go to breakfast club, they need to be booked in on the Friday of the previous week before 12 pm. This allows us to provide enough food and set up the room in accordance with social distancing requirements. We do have an upper limit of 20 children so if we already have that number we are not allowed to take any more. Please, please book early to avoid disappointment.

Now that the colder weather is upon us, I believe that the children would benefit from a warm meal at lunch time. We are very careful to keep children in their bubbles; they do not mix at lunchtime. We have set up individual eating areas for each bubble and no other bubble is mixed with another. Tables are cleaned regularly with appropriate disinfectants to ensure that the eating areas are clean at all times. Each bubble comes to the serving hatch at a different time from every other bubble again there is no mixing. So if you can, I would like to promote our hot school lunches they really are good.

This brings me to the end of my letter, I would like to thank all the staff for their hard work during this term and for trying their level best to keep things as normal as possible.  To be honest, we all have the same anxieties as all parents do, and we sometimes struggle to understand all the rules just like yourselves. Thanks you to those parents who have chosen to wear masks at arrival and departure times. I hope it is something that works and cuts down the possibility of spreading anything I really do appreciate your help and support in this.

Well done to the people that really matter-  that is of course our children.

Meanwhile, have a good half term.  I know what I will be doing, some of you might guess, but it does involve a lot of sleep I’m not getting any younger!

With very best wishes, stay well, stay safe, stay sane.

John Green.

    Rowdown Primary School

    Calley Down Crescent, New Addington, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 0EG
    01689 843367