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Fairchildes Academy Community Trust

Fairchildes Academy Community Trust

Trustee Business Interests 2017/18

Name of Director Name of Business Nature of Business Nature of Interest Date Declared
RoseAnne Ellis (Chair)

Ellis Education

Wandsworth Council

Education Consultancy


Education Improvement

Chair of IEB, Eardley Primary School

John Green (Vice Chair) Fairchildes & Rowdown Primary Education Supply Supply cover 02/02/2017
Kathleen Conroy Fairchildes Primary School Staff (Teacher) Family Member (Mother) 27/09/2017
Natalie Patel Education Policy Institute Education research Executive Director, oversees research relating to the performance of schools 20/06/2017
Stuart Bailey     No relevant interests declared 25/09/2017
Ros Sandell FACT Staff Executive Headteacher 19/09/2017
Roxana Huque-Dowlet FACT Staff Finance Director/CFO 01/09/2017