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Staff and Classes List

Teaching and Classroom Support Staff

for Academic Year 2018 - 2019

Year Group Teacher TA
EYFS Phase Leader Mrs Hartley

Nursery New intake


Mrs Roy

Miss Judd



Mrs Smith

Mrs Everett

Miss Elliott

Mrs Meader

Miss Judd (pm)



Mrs Hartley
KS1 Phase Leader Mrs Hartley

Year One


Mrs Roche

Miss Sheldon

Mrs Saunders (am)

Miss Parker (pm)


Year One 


Miss Rosenblatt

Year Two


Mrs Davies

Miss Parker (am)

Mrs Kurdzialek


Mrs Ferguson

Mrs Edser

Year Two


Mrs Illesova
KS2 Phase Leader Mrs Doe

Year Three


Mrs Gilbert

Miss Suter

Miss Gillick (am)

Miss Thompsom (am)

Year Three

Abu Dhabi

Mrs Akter

Year Four 


Mr Bird

Mrs Pavlou

Miss Smith

Miss Watson (am)

Mrs Culverhouse (pm)

Year Four


Mr Powell

Year Five

New York

Mrs Nasrat

Mrs Culverhouse (am)

Miss Thompson (pm)

Mrs Campbell

Miss Nelson

Year Five


Miss Wise

Year Six


Miss Virtue

Miss Nelson (am)

Mrs Hartnup

Inclusion Team

Cathy Sebire

Margaret Keminsky

Mrs Bampoe-Brush

Mrs Johnson

Mr Campbell

Annette Stone

Additional Staff


Funky Fingers

Mrs Folena

Mrs Greene

Miss Watson

Sport Progressive Sport

Senior Leadership Team

Miss Sandell (Executive Headteacher)

Mr Green (Interim Head of School)

Mrs Doe (Deputy Head of School/Foundation Stage and Key Stage 2 Phase Leader)

Mrs Hartley ( Assistant Head/Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 Phase Leader)

Mr Ellis (Assistant Head/Assessment Leader)

Mrs Sebire (Inclusion Manager)

Mrs Huque-Dowlet (Finance and Business Director)

Curriculum Leaders

  • Assessment - Mr Ellis
  • P.E. - Ellie (Mrs Nasrat - Dance support)
  • Maths - Mrs Davies
  • English - Miss Wise / Mr Green & Mrs Doe supporting
  • R.E. - Mrs Akter
  • Geography and Eco Schools - Mrs Nasrat
  • PHSE & SMSC - Mrs Illesova
  • Computing - Mr Powell
  • School Council - Mrs Gilbert
  • Reading - Miss Wise
  • MFL - Mrs Gilbert
  • Healthy Schools - Mrs Illesova
  • History - Mrs Roche
  • Art - Miss Rosenblatt
  • DT - Miss Rosenblatt
  • EYFS & KS1 - Mrs Hartley
  • Phonics - Mrs Hartley
  • Music - Mr Green
  • Science - Mrs Roy ( Mrs Roche - Science Support)

    Rowdown Primary School

    Calley Down Crescent, New Addington, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 0EG
    01689 843367