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PE and Sports Funding

The PE and sport premium is designed to help primary schools improve the quality of the PE and sport activities they offer their pupils. For the year 2016-17 we have been awarded £9,365.

At Rowdown we aim to spend the funding to:

  • Increase participation in competitive sports and inter-school tournaments;
  • Increase the opportunity for children who demonstrate ability in sports to access better coaching;
  • Improve resources and facilities for PE;
  • Improve PE teaching through the development of teachers;
  • Improve enjoyment in sport and increase the uptake of sporting and dance  opportunities;
  • Improve children’s  fitness levels and develop a better understanding of the importance of physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle

The school has 2 large halls that are used for PE lessons as well as lunch and after school clubs. The school also has a large field and two hard surface areas. The former is in constant use throughout the year for a range of clubs such as football, and athletics. It is also used for PE lessons and lunchtime sessions in good weather. 

The school field is also used at weekends by the New Addington Little League, with matches taking place every Saturday morning throughout the Autumn and Spring Terms. Coaches from Little League run an After School Football club for our yr 3&4 children.

Netball, football, Basketball and hockey, as well as other sports, are played on the hard surface area which is also used for lunch and playtimes. A fenced area provides a designated area for football and basketball.

 In this academic year football will be restricted to the designated area of the upper school playground at lunchtimes in order to encourage the children to explore and investigate other games and other ways to be active outside of lessons and clubs.

Part of our funding will ensure the resources needed for lunchtime use are maintained, as well as purchasing PE equipment for lessons and clubs to run efficiently. This will be managed by our Sports Coach/ PE Co-Ordinator.

Our sports coach has helped in the organising of our weekly Wednesday lunchtime run/walk a mile initiative, aimed at ensuring all pupils in key stage 2 (and staff) have this additional activity session together.

We will continue to focus on the professional development of all staff. Teachers’ will have the opportunity to enhance their professional knowledge and understanding in specific areas of the PE curriculum through in house training provided by the Coach.

Funding will enable our PE Coordinator to attend subject network meetings.  These meetings create the opportunity to forge links in the local community and within clusters of schools. The funding will also allow us to fund specialist providers and enrichment days, giving opportunities for children to develop skills in a wider range of sports and dance.

To this end the Inspire to Aspire Foundation has forged links with Trinity High School who will be providing specialist PE teaching /staff development in Years 3-6 in sports such as rugby and cricket.

2016-17 Approximate Costs

Actions Costs
Access to events and competitions organised by the Croydon School Sports Partnership, for example:  High Netball competition, Rounders, athletics, Dance competition. £500
Purchase of PE equipment in order to maintain the level and quality of resources available. £1000
Funding of a Sports coach for his time to run lunch time and after school sports clubs each day over 2 days – helping to prepare children for competitive games and participation in inter-school competitions.  £5000
Purchase of equipment specifically for lunchtime games to encourage children to be more active and participate in sport in their own time at school. £1000
CPD – PE co-ordinator courses, staff training £500
Sports Coach/Dance teacher  for enrichment opportunities £1365
Total £9365

Evaluation 2015 – 16

Over the course of 2015-16 Rowdown provided a range of sporting/physical activities additional to PE lessons in which many children were involved. This was in the form of lunchtime and after school clubs and inter-school competitions.

Lunchtime clubs took place 2 days per week, providing a multi-skills club for Key stages one and two, with 20 children attending each day.At lunchtime we also ran a Kick Boxing club for 2 terms, targeting yr 5 and 6 boys to teach them the relevant physical skills as well as the self-discipline required.

The funding was also used to pay for Member ship of the Croydon School Sports Partnership at a cost of £2,000 which allowed access to competitive games/sporting events and access to coaches to provide invaluable CPD sessions for staff. This year we have chosen to pay to enter competitions, with the same access as previously, but have not re-joined as a member.

Our boys compete in the Croydon Football league and cup and the school also competed in basketball, indoor athletics and inter-school competitions all organised by the Croydon Sports Partnership.

Funding also paid for an opportunity we had to take children to an after school gymnastic club at Meridian High School in the Summer Term, with 12 children attending this.

Our successful participation in the Croydon “Let your feet compete” dance competition also continued with both KS1 and 2 groups reaching the finals yet again, this involving around 40 children in total.

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