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Year 2

The latest Newsletters for Year 2 can be found below

Year 2 is such an exciting year!  It is your final year in the Infants and we are preparing to move onto the Juniors.

In Year 2, we work hard on developing our confidence and independence.  Our Reception and Year 1 teachers have been great at helping us learn and guiding us, so in Year 2 we want to become more able to do things on our own and make our own choices and decisions.

To help us ACE the 3 Rs (Aspire, Collaborate, Empathise, Respect, Reflect and Resilience) we often work together closely across the year group. We look after each other and are respectful in our dealings with each other. As we become more independent learners we learn to be more reflective and resilient.

All subjects are important to us in Year 2 and we love having fun, no matter what we are learning about.  When we are reading, we make sure we have a good knowledge of our phonics (sounds) and can read fluently so that we can really begin to understand and enjoy stories in more depth.  We love writing and write about lots of different subjects and for many different purposes. Writing helps us gain confidence in conveying our own thoughts. We are encouraged to plan what we are going to write and to read through to make corrections and improvements.  It also helps to improve our reading skills.When we learn about maths, we try to make sure we really understand each concept by using objects then drawing pictures and finally writing down the equation. We don’t move on until we really understand what we need to do and how we can achieve it.We enjoy learning all the other subjects as well, as they help to provide opportunities for us to use creative thinking and help to develop our individuality. We love the practical, ‘hands on’ approach to these subjects. We also enjoy the cross-curricular approach as it helps us to make links in our learning.

We love having visitors in to talk about their first hand experiences or to help us role play and enjoy learning about other times and places.  When we go out on trips, we like to explore the local area and have even started to go a little further afield. Learning about safely travelling to different places is a big part of going on visits, as well as all the fun and exciting things we get to experience.

We can’t wait to welcome you into Year 2 so we can enjoy lots of learning together!

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