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Year 3

The latest Newsletters for Year 3 can be found below

Year 3 is an exciting and important year as it is a stepping stone for our pupils beginning their transition and journey into Key Stage 2.

We aim to provide a broad range of  fun, collaborative and exciting experiences for pupils, where they enjoy learning and thrive within a nurturing setting.

Each day, learning consists of both English and maths in the mornings.  English sessions aim to incorporate an interesting reading stimulus where pupils participate in a variety of drama activities and meaningful writing tasks based on the text.  In year 3, we find every opportunity to read, both independently and with others, through shared reading sessions we can take the time to really understand a book and engage in book talk.

Maths lessons include a variety of fluency and reasoning, where the pupils are given opportunities to learn through a ‘hands on, practical’ approach, which we call concrete then progress to pictorial and abstract maths. 

We concentrate on securing the pupils’ understanding of the number system: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We try to incorporate these number skills into all areas of maths so that the pupils are exposed to them in different contexts.

We particularly love solving reasoning problems, where we discuss and prove/disprove whether a statement is correct and find out what is wrong with answers.

Year 3 particularly enjoy the afternoon curriculum topics, such as history, geography, art and languages, as it gives us a chance to explore, investigate and get even more creative. 

The year three curriculum is very broad and the afternoons are spent learning Geography, Science, History, Art and Language.

The topics we cover include The Stone Age, Ancient Greece, Natural Disasters and Predators. 

The children thoroughly enjoy their learning and produce work such as Stone Age pottery, Ancient Greek soldiers, life size wings and while researching all about volcanoes, get to build their very own and watch it erupt!

In geography we look at Ancient Greece compared to modern day Greece and gain knowledge of the world around us by using atlases. 

Year three Science develops children's understanding of how to work scientifically, how to do a fair test, what variables are and using scientific language.  They look at forces, light and plants and compare a variety of animal habitats.

We aim to let the children carry out as many investigations as possible as we understand that practical learning is crucial to their development. 

In year 3 children are introduced to learning a modern foreign language, at Monks Orchard we learn Spanish through music, games and acting.  By the end of year three, children understand some basic vocabulary and can hold a simple conversation.

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