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Writing takes many shapes and forms, and is composed of many elements. At Fairchildes, we prepare children by considering the purpose of the writing and the audience they are communicating with, as well as giving them the building blocks through reading, phonics and the technical aspects of grammar, punctuation, spelling and handwriting (for further information see sections on Phonics, Reading and Accuracy)

Creative Writing

Creative writing can take many forms such as narrative or writing in role. We know that the children do their best work when they are enjoying what they are doing, and they can relate to either the characters or the situation they are in. With this in mind we always have a writing topic which will be developed through a range of media e.g. a book, film (or film clip), picture etc. In addition children will learn to empathise and understand characters through drama and role play.

Writing for a purpose

Most of the writing that adults do is for a purpose, rather than for pleasure. At Fairchildes we want to equip our children to be able to succeed not just in their schooling, but in their adult life. Writing for a purpose occurs not just in English lessons, but across the whole curriculum, where children are expected to maintain the high standards in their work.

Statutory Assessment

Children’s work is assessed in line with the school’s assessment procedures. However, in the summer term in year 2 and 6 the children’s writing books form a portfolio of work to be submitted for Statutory moderation in line with the Government requirements for Standard Assessment Tests (SATs).


Examples of Children's Writing Work




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