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As computing in the wider world is constantly changing, our curriculum changes with it. We ensure that the skills learnt build upon the previous year and are transferable. The children use different programs and hardware to support their learning. We feel this is important so they can make an informed decision when making program and hardware choices. During their time at primary school, they will be taught to code and debug, build games, use programming skills, email and develop digital literacy skills.

On line safety is a high priority at Monks Orchard. We have regular e-safety lessons, tailored to the children and their needs. We participate in Internet Safety Day, when the parents/carers are invited to a presentation. During this day, the children will complete a range of activities linked to their safety.

Knowlegde and Skills Progression - Intent​

We believe there are non-negotiable digital knowledge and skills that children must possess.

• ‘All children must have a basic understanding of coding and how the web works.’

• ‘All children must able to evaluate online information and be social media savvy.’

• ‘All children must understand online safety rules and know how to report and block.’

• ‘All children must be proficient with word processing and able to use cloud storage.’

• ‘All children must be able to create visually engaging content/presentations in order to present learning to others.’

• ‘All children must have experience of online collaboration and using communication tools.’

• ‘All children must be taught the concept of personal archiving and possess their own digital portfolio of work.’

Check out our Internet Safety Page here

Early Years and Computing

Despite computing not being explicitly mentioned within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) statutory framework, which focuses on the learning and development of children from birth to age five, there are many opportunities for young children to use technology to solve problems and produce creative outcomes here at Monks Orchard. In particular, many areas of the framework provide opportunities for pupils to develop their ability to use computational thinking effectively.


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