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Mathematics is a skill that is used continuously throughout our lives and we believe it to be an essential part of a balanced curriculum. We expect our maths lessons to challenge our pupils so that they fulfil the aims of the national curriculum: to become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics; able to reason mathematically and solve problems by the application of their mathematical understanding.  We endeavour to ensure that children develop an enthusiastic and creative attitude towards mathematics that will stay with them throughout their lives.

We know that maths is used in many careers and the maths they experience at Monks Orchard could see our children become future engineers, scientists, meteorologists or careers that haven’t even been invented yet. Maths also has many transferable skills and helps with problem solving, approaching things logically and critical analysis. We encourage our children to think deeply about maths; this is why reasoning and problem solving are an important part of maths lessons, and the use of mathematical talk and 'Talk Tasks,' enables the children to verbalise and discuss their understanding.

When other schools have come to visit us to see our maths in action, everyone has been impressed by how well our children can articulate their understanding!

We want all children to believe that they "can do maths," and see its uses in everyday life, for example: when, measuring, shopping, budgeting and completing other financial tasks the children may have in their adult lives. 

The fundamental: Maths is for everyone to enjoy! 

Our Vision for Maths -  Every child is a confident, skilled and resilient mathematician.  

    Monks Orchard Primary School

    The Glade, Shirley, Croydon, CR0 7UF
    020 8654 2570