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At Fairchildes Primary, we understand the importance of respecting the environment, and to prepare our children with the knowledge and skills to look after our planet. We aim to become an Eco friendly school by managing resources efficiently and integrating sustainable practices to make a positive contribution to our environment and the local area. The children will be made aware of the need to recycle and conserve energy and play an active role within the school.
We have an Eco committee made up of pupils, staff, head teacher, governor and site manager and are working hard to get the Eco Bronze Award.

Mrs Awal

Fairchildes Eco Code 

Our environment, our future, our choice

In October, the Eco committee carried out an Environmental Review which identified: 

The good things that our school is already doing for the environment...

1. Healthy living

2. Global citizenship

3. School grounds

4. Biodiversity

5. Waste

And the areas that the school could be doing better...

1. Energy

2. Litter

3. Transport

4. Biodiversity

5. Water

As a school, we decided on ideas that would help us address the points identified in the environmental review. Additionally, we have had class assemblies for whole school looking at various environmental issues. Also, on our journey towards looking after our planet, each of our classes had raised money to sponsor an endangered animal.


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Fairchildes Eco Charter

1. We turn off lights.

2. We pick up litter.

3. We use reusable bottles.

4. We walk, cycle, scoot to school at least once a week.

5. We only take the food that we know we can eat.

6. We recycle our crisp packets.
7. We sponsor endangered animals.


Award – Each class gets points for following the school charter every week and the class with the most points at the end of the term wins a Mufti Day for their class.

To understand the importance to refuse, reduce, reuse, repair and recycle

Children have been taught about recycling, through lessons and assemblies, so they understand our impact on the planet.

Children in each class have a recycling bin that they use to recycle paper.  All classes have scrap paper trays, which they use instead of a clean sheet of paper, wherever possible.

In our school, to save our planet and reduce waste, instead of using paper plates and disposable knives and forks, we have our lunch on re-usable plastic trays with metal cutlery. We also have food bins and recycling bins in the lunch hall that the children are encouraged to use.

One of our projects this year has been to recycle crisps packets in aid of Kent Air Ambulance.

Children have a special bin to put their crisps packet in and so far the eco committee have weighed and boxed 20kg of crisp packet, which have been posted to Terracycle to be recycled.


In our science week, some children, including members of our eco committee discussed the importance of recycled paper and had an opportunity to create re-cycled paper.

We held a ‘Book Swap’ as part of our love for reading across the school. This event also gave us the opportunity to discuss with the children about recycling and reusing. Children bought in unwanted books and each age group had the opportunity to visit the swap-shop and choose a new book to take home to read.

To minimise our use of Energy

Children are encouraged to participate in all the energy saving activities eg. switching off lights and whiteboards in classrooms before leaving the classroom.

The members of the Eco committee carry out weekly eco checks to ensure that each classroom is conserving energy by having switched off their lights and projector.


As part of promoting sustainable travel, the school has provided bicycle storage for bikes and scooter storage racks, which is used by the children.  

Children are encouraged to walk, scoot or ride to school, or use public transport to reduce their carbon footprint. 

We had a whole school assembly, and looked at the importance of having clean air. We learnt that children are especially vulnerable to the impacts of air pollution, which can have negative effects on their developing lungs and brains. Then the Eco committee, some staff and parents had a workshop where we discussed the how we could keep the air around us clean. At home time we went outside the school to talk to the drivers outside our school and explain that we would like to reduce the amount of pollution. We asked parents/cares to switch off their engines as soon as they park at the school.


In November, visitors from Wild London came to see us. Year 3 took part in some great in school workshops, and in the afternoon our Eco Committee visited Hutchinson's Bank (a local nature reserve) and experienced all the beauty that the reserve offers.

There are plans to have a butterfly bank installed at school in association with The London Wildlife Trust.


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Children in our school have participated in a river clean up. As part of their topic, oceans and rivers, year 5 discussed the effect of plastic in rivers and how it affects marine life. They have been to the docklands and spent an hour on boats ‘Plastic fishing’. They then bought the plastic back and discussed what they had found.


There are plans to litter pick around the school and outside school grounds in the summer term.

In our effort to look after our local area, we wrote letters to Croydon Council asking them to save our green spaces with a very positive outcome.



Fundraising events

We raised hundreds of pounds to send as aid to Australia during their bush fire emergency.

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