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Creative Arts

“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.” Albert Einstein.

Creativity is a vital part of childhood. As Fairchildes’ creative arts leader I believe that children’s formative years should be filled with the opportunity to experience collective creativity. School can offer a golden opportunity to discover an individual’s passion and talent that may never otherwise be discovered.

Our arts offer includes rich opportunities for visual art and design, theatrical arts (including dance), film making and musical expression. I feel a strong connection and value is uniquely held by each of the areas that encompass the arts at Fairchildes:

“Where words fail, music speaks” Hans Christian Andersen

Music is a universal language that can sooth, teach, excite, unify and motivate children. It is a right of every young person to experience music as part of their development and learning. At Fairchildes we delight in finding musical individuals and polishing them until they shine brightly. We also highly value the art of singing collectively and are aware of the stress-busting effect of singing together in our modern world. Music is life.

It is my belief that visual Art is a fundamental part of children’s development. Experiencing art from an early age is essential for the human condition. Watching the uninhibited self-expression of children engaged in an art lesson is wonderful and for some individuals - art in primary education will be the only time they take part with abandon before becoming overly-concerned with others judgements. Art spans every culture, language, time and place and should be inclusive of everyone regardless of need.

Finally, within our creative arts offer, our school places high value on performance opportunities. This may be in the form of live performances or through filmmaking. Additionally, Fairchildes also offers opportunities for budding filmmakers and stage crews to develop their skills. From day one, if a talent is noticed, we delight in giving individuals a platform to develop their skills and reach upwards towards their full creative potential.

Sally Gardner – Fairchildes Creative Arts Leader

Design and Technology has never been more relevant in primary education. Children’s learning is diverse and challenging in the modern classroom. Design and Technology is a subject that encourages children to think both creatively and scientifically – often at the same time. If we are to continue with British design being relevant on the world stage, then we need our future designers and creative thinkers to be nurtured from the start. (Please see our D&T tab for more information.)

Creative Arts Opportunities at Fairchildes Encompassing:

Art     Music     Creative Arts

trips, Creative Learning and additional activities

Every year group  

Helen O’Grady Drama Workshops

Upper School Choir Perform externally throughout the year


360 Centre

Seaside visit to Camber Sands – Making collections on the visit of textured objects such as shells. These are used to create and inspire lovely art work upon return to school.



Library visit - Creative story telling

Miss Lilly - Interactive story-telling weekly session e.g with puppets, story bags and boxes.



Visit the library - Author Visit

Forest School art projects created in the forest and with collections back in class. Art pieces produced such as creating fishing rods, making magic wands.

Mud Kitchen fun - Painting with mud in the Forest School

Trip to Sevenoaks soft play centre.

Year 1

Year 1 Art club

Year 2  

Great Fire of London re-enactment. The children build houses and we use film making to show our learning.

Clapham Pottery Studio visit for clay workshop for AGT artists.

Croydon Schools Music and Arts Festival - Fairfield Halls massed Key Stage 1 Choir

AGT music programme


Year 3

Annual New Addington Carnival Float.  Children spend their art lessons leading up to the carnival contributing collaboratively on large pieces or making costumes etc to wear in the procession.

Roman Villa – Crofton in Orpington which includes art based activities on site.

AGT music programme weekly

Professional dance school sessions for each class – street dance

Entry to ‘Addington’s Got Talent’ annual competition


Year 4

Annual Carol Service at the Croydon Minster

AGT art club

AGT Music programme weekly

Street dance troupe

Entry to ‘Addington’s Got Talent’ annual competition


Year 5

AGT Steel Band gigs in numerous locations

Croydon Schools Music and Arts Festival – Fairfield Halls massed Key Stage 2 Choir

AGT music programme weekly

Street dance troupe

Entry to ‘Addington’s Got Talent’ annual competition

Year 6

Steel Band gigs in numerous locations

Performance roles as choral parts in Meridian High School's annual production

AGT Steel Band members – Panorama Competition at Notting Hill Carnival

Capturing Croydon Photography Project - G&T geographers selected to photograph landmarks in Croydon to develop their sense of place.

Street dance troupe

Entry to ‘Addington’s Got Talent’ annual competition


Fairchildes also offers workshops to parents such as:

  • Story box making to enhance home story-telling and using art to visualise stories
  • Parent cooking sessions in our designated Children’s Kitchen
  • Exploring colour, texture and tactile qualities through planned sensory workshops to enhance parents understanding of how art can be used with children’s development and well-being.

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