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PSHE and Relationships Education

Fairchildes prides itself on being a healthy school. This means that we not only look after our children’s physical health, but their mental health too. At Fairchildes PHSE aspects are taught explicitly through the programme. Within this, children learn about health and well-being, relationships and living in the wider world. Children develop knowledge, skills and understanding to play an active role at school and within society.

Zones of Regulation forms part of our PHSE lessons in which children are taught to understand the zones, link them to their own feelings, to become aware of their own triggers and the triggers of others in order to learn strategies to control their emotions and promote good mental health.

Relationships Education is interwoven with the PSHE curriculum.  We respond wholeheartedly to the fact that it is a legal requirement for all children to be taught the facts about modern Britain and the world that they live in, as we prepare them for life and work.  We encourage our children to be kind and tolerant citizens.  The teaching of Relationships Education is inclusive to all children and is tailored to suit each child’s individual needs.

We work hard to ensure that our children maintain a healthy lifestyle through engaging lessons which promote: exercise, healthy eating, good relationships and healthy minds.

Mrs Williams and Mrs Day



In Dot Com I am learning about my responsibilities and my rights as a child.  Theo  Yr 5

I know all about Childline - I can call them if I need help  Damari Yr 2

Dot Com

At Fairchildes we follow the Dot Com programme as part of our PSHE curriculum. Dot com provides a unique safeguarding programme that empowers children, builds their self-worth and offers a safe environment for them to have a voice.

Dot Com sessions are taught by a trained group of teaching assistants. Each child has a Dot Com journal to record their thoughts and feelings. 

In Dot Com we learn about not being harsh or mean to other people, how to keep ourselves safe in the community and when we are online.    

Harry, Olivia, Sophie, Honey, Janiyah and George  Yr 4


Uh-oh feeling is when you don’t feel right  Arooj Yr 2 

Dot Com helps me to talk about my feelings   Liliana Yr 1


Uh-oh feeling is when you feel scared or nervous  Kani Yr 2

Fairchildes is a Dot Com Flagship School

Dot Com is fun.  We do so many exciting things.  Louie Yr 1


An uh-oh moment is when a fluttery feeling comes in your tummy, like butterflies in your tummy.   Janiyah Yr 4

Zones of Regulation

This year we have introduced The Zones of Regulation to all of pupils, from Nursery to Year 6. The Zones of Regulation is a complete social-emotional learning curriculum, created to teach children self-regulation and emotional control. It gives children the language to express how they are feeling and the skills to read these feelings in others.  Many of our parents have also chosen to use it at home. 

We know about the Zones of regulation and different feelings you will have in the different colour zones.

Liliana, Maisie Lee, Louie, Luca and Stanley  Yr 1

Agencies/Charities that we use to support our curriculum

  • Lives not Knives
  • STARS (Sustainable Travel: active, responsible & safe)

I am learning about bullying and how to deal with it.  I am also learning about strategies that I can use to get my anger out, like scribbling on a piece of paper, instead of retaliating

Ganesha Yr 5

I remember when I got lost and I couldn’t find my way home.  I remembered the adults on my Helping hands - Vinnie Yr 2

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I feel safe in school because I know that I can talk to the mentors and other adults if something is bothering me.  I can have a Dot Com minute with the teacher.  Yr 3


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