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French is fun! Learning a language builds confidence, communication skills and gives a sense of achievement.  Learning another language is a skill and is like cracking a code and once you’ve cracked one, it is easier to crack another one. The earlier a child starts to learn a language, the easier it is for them.  Most children are starting from scratch and do not have any prior knowledge, barriers or inhibitions, that prevent them from succeeding.  I believe that learning a language as a child gives access to other cultures and opens many opportunities throughout their lives. It also reinforces understanding of their own language from an educational perspective, it promotes listening and oracy skills which are transversal across the curriculum.

Studying a foreign language prepares a child for their future and promotes their confidence to engage in a conversation and embrace a multi-cultural society. I believe this is important in our international and global society.

Mrs Conroy






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    Fairchildes Primary School

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